2019 iPhones Won’t Offer 5G: What will happen?

5G appears to be the upcoming feature for most smartphones. However, iPhones might be the exception here. It appears that the next batch of iPhones that will be released in 2019 won’t come with this feature.

This might be a disadvantage for Apple, since most of its rival will offer 5G, and that includes Samsung. The information was revealed by a Bloomberg report. According to Mark Gurman, Apple has decided to “hold off until at least 2020”. This means that the 2019 iPhones will come with 4G as well.

Will the competition get ahead of Apple?

Multiple Apple rivals are expected to launch 5G devices in 2019. Samsung, which is arguably Apple’s largest competitor, is expected to launch a 5G Galaxy S10 with 5G. Since users are always looking for new technology this might be a minor setback for the company.

However, we have to remember the fact that Apple has always managed to catch up with the competition. For example, 3G technology was available when the first iPhone was launched, but despite this fact, the mobile phone had 2G. Additionally, iPhone 4S had 3G, despite the fact that 4G technology existed.

We trust Apple to make the right decision for its products. Some believe that the real reason why Apple is postponing 5G technology is because it has a complicated relationship with Qualcomm. We have to remind you once again that 5G Snapdragon X50 will most likely be at the core of the upcoming 5G smartphones that will be released next year.

At the moment there is a legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm. Apple could use an Intel chip, but the company is not ready to release its first 5G chip in time for the iPhones that will be released in 2019.

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