Avira Antivirus Pro 2019: Prices, Features and Security

The 2019 updated version for the Avira Antivirus Pro is available, and we have taken a closer look at it. While the program itself might not be the offer on the market, we have to admit that the Avira Prime subscription looks really good.

For a single device (for new users) the price for the Antivirus Pro is $36. The regular price for it is around $48. New users have to pay $57 for five devices and the regular price for five devices is $72. However, the Avira Prime subscription offers the complete pack: the Antivirus Pro, third-party software updates, a VPN, a password manager, a system optimizer and identity protection.

Avira Prim costs $130 and it is available for 25 devices per household, which is an amazing deal. You won’t find similar offers at Avira’s competitors.

The Antivirus Pro 2019

It appears that the 2019 version is not that different from the previous ones. Once you open the program you can see the current status of your device. You also have the option to run a quick scan. On the left side, you can see 5 options: Status, Scan, Modules, Quarantine and Activity.

In this version, Ransomware Protection replaced the firewall icon. You only have the option of turning it on and off. The Scan has all the scanning options available. You can choose between a quick scan, a full scan and a custom scan. It is also possible to schedule a scan. A USB drive scan option becomes available only when you insert a USB drive.

Testing proved that Avira Antivirus Pro 2019 managed to detect almost all the threats thrown at it. At AV-Comparatives Avira managed to block 99.5% of the threats. Meanwhile, in July and August, the program has a 100% performance at AV-Test.

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