Galaxy S10 Lite Case Renders Leaked, Revealing Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor

Many news, rumors, and leaks surrounding the Samsung’s anniversary phones, the Galaxy S10 series, emerged on the Internet in the past couple of months. Now, new Galaxy S10 Lite case renders leaked, revealing side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

We’ve already learned that Samsung Galaxy S10, the smartphone which celebrates ten years of the Galaxy series, will come out in three variant, a standard Galaxy S10, a Galaxy S10 Plus, and a more affordable Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite.

Recently leaked S10 Lite case renders revealed that this variant of the smartphone will come out with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. And that’s not all! Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite would also boast a dual-camera setup on the back and a flat screen. This recent leakĀ is somewhat invalidating some of the recent rumors on the budget S10 version, which indicated to a 3D glass and either an in-display fingerprint sensor or a rear-mounted one.

Galaxy S10 Lite Case Renders Leaked, Revealing Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor

The Galaxy S10 Lite case renders, published online by SlashLeaks, confirm, however, another set of rumors that informed that, to reduce the production costs, Samsung would ditch the in-display fingerprint sensor and the 3D display.


For some of the Samsung smartphones’ fans, a flat screen is not a big issue, as many users are much happier with this type of display than with curved glass, be it either 2.5D or 3D. On the other hand, many are not okay with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor which, besides that is not popular, is also harder to use.

Also, Galaxy S10 Lite case renders revealed another big surprise. Namely, S10 Lite would boast a dual-camera system on its back which represents a great update from the rumored single-camera setup. On the other hand, other low-budget Samsung phones are coming out with three cameras on the back, so the South Korean company could’ve implemented such a feat on the affordable variant of its anniversary Galaxy smartphone.

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