VLC Media Player Mobile Remote App – Version

This app is the one which will let you control VLC Media Player on your PC or laptop. It will also allow you to browse and play your own files, and YouTube videos, as well. You won’t have to look for the best keyboard shortcuts when you’re watching a movie. You also won’t have to change the music if a song you don’t like comes on. This is the best way to control VLC Player from your tablet or smartphone. You’ll have the same opinion as we do, especially since you won’t have to ever leave your bed.

What are the features?

You won’t have to install any other software on your PC.

The ‘Setup Wizard’ is a step-by-step guide that makes it easier for you to install it.

It’s just perfect if you want to control the app through your Android device. However, you need to be on the same Wi-Fi.

It’s fast and very responsive, just as if you were using a normal remote. You even have the Play, Pause and Stop buttons. You can control the volume, choose to watch the next or the previous file.

For music, you have Audio Track, Loop, Repeat, Shuffle, Aspect Ratio.

For movies, you can manage the subtitles (add subtitles for the video that’s currently playing – it supports only srt files, and it needs VLC v2.2.0 or up), choose the playback speed, even crop the video.

You have gesture controls and DVD controls.

You can access all of your media files.

It works just as fine as a YouTube remote.

You can manage your playlists in no time.

You can take screenshots and snaps of the video frame.

What’s new?

With this update, they have fixed all the bugs, and they have renamed the VMR Hub as VMR Connect.



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