Instagram Is Testing Some Special Features For Influencer Accounts

The influencers had long asked Instagram devs to provide them with some incentive, some special function or something that would allow them to stand out from other users. Now it seems that the company has already taken action and it is said that tests are being carried out on the special accounts that these users will be able to access with several thousand followers. Instagram has not confirmed the information, but the news arrives backed up by sources who have spoken to the Hollywood Reporter with full knowledge of the facts.

It seems that Instagram’s main intention is to make it easier for influencers to sell their space better to brands that want to advertise with them. What the social network wants to ensure with this step is to guarantee that the influencers stay within Instagram and that they don’t take their advertising campaigns and publications to other services.

After all, the social networking territory is changing again as it did a few years ago and neither Instagram nor any other platform can afford not to give the pill to the most popular content creators.

Instagram Is Testing Some Special Features For Influencer Accounts

It is commented that in-depth statistics are included about how their followers’ act and the amounts of them they earn and accumulate. This data is provided with both daily and weekly results, allowing better control of the work being done. It is information that can be obtained with other programs, but internally will offer a result more faithful to reality.

These accounts will also have summaries and analysis of each one of the contents, which will allow them to know precisely what has allowed them to have an increase in followers. Sometimes, that is important to know if the new followers that have been won have been for one or another publication and usually it is not something that can be checked simply with the likes that each publication accumulates.

Other elements offered by these accounts include message filtering and a system to sort the requests they have so that they never lose anything. From the introduction of these influencer accounts, it is possible that users who had opted for business accounts may have to switch back to benefit from these added features.

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