Choosing a Web Browser: Google Chrome vs. Opera vs. Mozilla Firefox

A good web browser can change your entire Internet experience. The features are different for each browser, and there are also other important factors that you need to take into account, such as the speed. Here are some of the best web browsers at the moment.

Google Chrome

Chrome seems to be the most popular option for most users, and there is a good reason for that. Google Chrome is a fast, efficient browser. It comes with multiple extensions and a reliable mobile app. Mobile integration is also great when it comes to Google Chrome.

Extensions remain active on other synced device, and the user interface is smooth and visually pleasing. Chrome also comes with a password manager that can generate strong passwords automatically when you create a new account.

Mozilla Firefox

For many years Mozilla Firefox managed to be the second best compared to Chrome. Nonetheless, the differences aren’t huge, so certain users might prefer this alternative. Mozilla had several upgrades lately, including the VR-focused alternative and Firefox Quantum.

Firefox had some serious under the hood improvements and it manages to leverage multicore processors better than any of the other browsers. Mozilla is a capable browser and thanks to its latest enhancements it is faster than before.


The Opera browser is also based on the Chromium engine. Just like Google Chrome, which means that these two can feel quite similar. Opera comes with more built-in features than Chrome, so there the need for extensions is reduced.

It is also possible to get the Chrome extension from the Chrome web store, so you can use all the extensions available in Google Chrome. This makes Opera a good alternative for Chrome, as it manages to provide all its useful features.

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