Facebook Watch Video Platform Hits Another Milestone

About one year ago, Facebook launched the so-called Facebook Watch video platform in an attempt to compete with the popular YouTube. After it rolled out internationally in August, Facebook Watch has reportedly gathered a significant number of users, now hitting another milestone, as the company announced recently.

In a blog post that Facebook published yesterday, the company announced that its Facebook Watch video platform now has over 400 million monthly active users, while only 75 million are using the service on a daily basis. That’s still low in comparison with YouTube which is accessed by more than 2 billion users per month.

Also, according to Facebook, it only takes 1 minute of actively watching a video on the platform for a user to either qualify as a monthly active user or a daily active one. So, the results of the survey might be biased. However, as reported by Facebook, the daily active users are usually spending about 20 minutes on the Facebook Watch video platform.

Facebook Watch Video Platform Hits Another Milestone

Facebook said that its video platform would be available for both desktop and Lite versions of the famous social network. That would boost the availability of Facebook Watch and also its database of users, according to the company which still hopes to become a fierce competitor for YouTube.

Nonetheless, Facebook is also joining the “original content” race with other streaming services, including Google’s YouTube. Facebook, therefore, promised to expand its four shows, Five Points, Sacred Lies, Sorry For Your Loss, and Huda Boss, with a new season for each of them. As for the Sorry For Your Loss, the series has been a real success as it got a 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes, for example, and positive reviews from viewers.

Be it as it may, Facebook Watch is off for a great start, and it might indeed become a fierce competitor to YouTube and other popular streaming services.


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