The Best Showbox Alternatives Available with Updated Versions

According to the information we have so far, Showbox for Android and Moviebox for iOS are the most popular streaming platforms. One of their biggest advantages is that people don’t have to pay for accessing all that content.

On the other hand, those who use Showbox or Moviebox can find themselves in a lot of legal trouble. The apps’ developers went through the same situation since the end of November. A group of movie studios filled a legal action against them and they had to shut the platforms down.

Now the situation seems to have been solved, but nobody knows what will happen to the app. If they eventually decide to end Showbox for good, online entertainment fans can use other apps designed for the same purpose.

Let’s see what the best alternatives for Showbox are

One of the apps which imitates Showbox’s profile is TeaTV. This APK has a good speed and an updated list with the latest movies and programs. However, this is not the only alternative. Let’s meet a few more:

  1. Moviebox – it can be considered Showbox’s clone because it has mainly the same features. It is compatible with Android and iOS platforms;
  2. Player Box HD – like the name says, it offers a wide range of programs for all tastes and ages. Besides, movies and TV shows can be watched in HD format on all platforms – mobile, laptop, PC and more;
  3. Megabox HD – this is another app compatible with HD format, but it only works on Android devices;
  4. Popcorn Time – it has a good speed and facilitates the streaming in formats like SD or HD. It is compatible with Android, iOS or Linux;
  5. Hulu – this app allows the user to stream and download a huge range of content in different formats;
  6. Netflix – everybody’s heard about this amazing platform and now it reached 137 million subscribers in the entire world. Besides, this is one of the legal options, because users have to pay for accessing its content;
  7. Amazon Prime – this is another streaming platform that requires legal subscription, therefore users don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

All streaming platforms have common features and provide similar content, but it’s better to use the legal ones. Learn more about each and decide!

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