Minecraft 4K Super Duper Graphics Pack Now with More Features

Amazing graphics have always been Minecraft’s main advantage and a reason why so many players love this game. Even if it wasn’t too complicated and had aesthetic standards from the past, the Minecraft community were very found on their graphics.

On the other hand, things are changing fast in the gaming industry and every member of this family has to adapt to recent trends. Minecraft’s developers understood that changes are necessary in their game as well. Last year, they announced that a new graphics pack is getting ready to be launched as soon as possible.

They were talking about the optional DLC Super Duper Graphics Pack, an awesome update which is supposed to come with 4K HDR graphics. However, not all fans are happy with this announcement.

Some voices say that Minecraft will lose all its essence once the new graphics pack is introduced. Players will lose most of the game’s central point – the possibility to build something modern and well-equipped by using an ordinary set of tools.

Developers say that better graphics won’t ruin the game’s magic

Meanwhile, developers say that, thanks to the 4K Super Duper graphics pack, Minecraft will only become more visually attractive. The update is not going to interfere with the game’s character, so players are strongly encouraged to try the new visual package.

The Super Duper package is currently available on systems like the Xbox One and Windows 10. As we can imagine, the improved graphics creates an extreme gaming experience. Among the features with this cool effect, we will find Directional lighting, Dynamic shadows and Edge highlighting.

The new graphics pack is optional, so gamers don’t have to play it if they don’t want to. Those who are not curious to see how Minecraft looks like with its new graphics can stick to the classical Pixel version.

Developers are advising players to try the cross-platform mode. This is the best way to check the Super Duper graphics pack functionality. The Minecraft APK can be downloaded on Android devices and it’s easy to install.

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