Tubemate – Top Features And Handy Tips

The only way to download online videos is to rely on various apps for different platforms, such as Android, Windows, and so on. Primarily, there are a few video downloaders for Android, and one of the most popular one among them is Tubemate. The best part of this application is that it comes with some top features that allow users to perform more tasks than only downloading videos from streaming platforms. Also, here are some handy tips to boost your experience with Tubemate.

Tubemate – Top Features

Download Videos and Music for Free

Tubemate is permitting users to download videos and music for free from dozens of popular streaming platforms, including some of the most appreciated ones such as Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, DailyTube.In, LiveLeak, SoundCloud, and so on.

The main feature of Tubemate is to download online videos. However, users can also download music for free, as Tubemate permits the conversion of video files into MP3 format.

Access and Download Free Podcasts

Nowadays, the TV is outdated and, undoubtedly, we’re already experiencing a new era of entertainment, mostly based on online content. Tubemate also gives users access to download as many podcasts as they want for free.

Tubemate, therefore, would be ideal for those who listen to podcasts online but can’t lock their phones due to specific settings in the app they use. With Tubemate, users can download podcasts and listen to them whenever they want, offline.

High Download Speed

Since Tubemate is specially designed to download online videos, it boasts an excellent multimedia download manager that allows users to download videos from streaming platforms at a very high download speed.

Tubemate – Handy Tips

Save Internal Memory With Tubemate

Internal storage space could become a severe issue for users of smartphones with low capacity such as 16 GB. When you download online videos, the storage space depletes quickly. However, with Tubemate, you can tackle this problem by downloading videos in lower resolutions to save internal memory.

Use The Tubemate’s Built-In Search Engine

Tubemate comes with its own videos search engine, permitting users to search their favorite videos directly via the app’s interface. You can use keywords or entire titles, if you want, to find all the videos in the world that you want to download.

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