Is Technology Driving Us Apart?

Technology has brought with it so many valuable benefits. These days, it’s easier than ever before to connect with friends and family throughout the world. Social media has taken over in terms of communication, allowing instant, real-time communication with those we love. It’s also given us the opportunity to meet lots of new people. However, could the use of this technology actually be driving us apart?

Studies suggest technology is even contributing to increased divorce rates. Here, we’ll look at how technology can have a negative impact on our relationships.

Social media and its effect on couple’s

Social media has had one of the most significant impacts on divorce rates. Many couples spend far more time checking their social media accounts, communicating with others, than they do actually talking to one another. As the marriage gets ignored, it’s easy for couples to drift apart, and is one of the leading reasons they head to the divorce lawyers.

Not only does social media potentially impact communication, but it can also lead to jealousy. Both of these issues cause a significant breakdown within the relationship; particularly if it is already in trouble.

Virtual communication known to impact loneliness

It’s not just romantic relationships which are suffering thanks to technology. The way in which we communicate these days is mostly virtual. While on the one hand, it’s great that we can connect with friends and family instantly no matter where they are, on the other hand it’s leading to less in-person communication.

This is leading to more feelings of isolation and loneliness. People no longer talk to one another in person, they simply send a text or a quick instant message. There is very little emotion in virtual communication and the lack of human touch does impact our mental health, causing us to feel more disconnected from our loved ones than ever before.

Increasing temptation to stray

While the temptation to cheat has always been there, it’s certainly more prevalent in today’s connected world. Whether on social media, dating apps or even communicating on forums, the chance to connect with complete strangers from all over the world does add a whole new level of temptation. The number of people who are married or in a relationship who choose to stray online is staggering.

It’s certainly easier to cheat with the use of technology than it used to be. However, it’s also easier to get found out!

So, while technology has certainly brought many benefits, if used too much it does have the potential to ruin relationships. It’s impersonal, there’s little emotional connection and it’s become a huge distraction for couple’s, leading them to spend less quality time together.

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