Samsung Galaxy S10 Special Edition To Come With A Larger Display And 5G Support

We already know that Samsung would release its anniversary Galaxy S10 lineup in February 2019, before the MWC 2019 which will take place in Barcelona, in Spain. According to what we know so far, there would be four Samsung Galaxy S10 variant, namely, a standard one, a Lite version, a Plus variant, and a Special Edition device. According to the latest rumors, Samsung Galaxy S10 Special Edition would indeed come out with a larger display and 5G support.

The news came from Ice Universe, a renowned leaker, who announced on Twitter that the Galaxy S10 Special Edition would boast “a 6.7-inch screen, support 5G and add a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor to both the front and rear,” as reported by TechRadar.

The Time of Flight sensor would be implemented within the cameras of the device and can calculate the distance between the cameras and the subject.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Special Edition To Come With A Larger Display And 5G Support

“Beyond X is Samsung’s first 5G mobile phone. It uses a 6.7-inch screen and will be available in South Korea and the United States. It adds a ToF sensor to the front and rear. This is the top version of the Galaxy S10. The 5G LOGO is very cool,” said Ice Universe on his Twitter page.

On the other hand, the debates on how many lenses this Samsung Galaxy S10 Special Edition would have are still open. Some rumors say that it might come out with three sensors on the back, while others informed that the Special Edition would boast four main cameras.

What we know for sure is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, initially announced by several leaks with four rear cameras, would boast only a three-camera system on its back. As for the Galaxy S10 Special Edition, it would also come with three cameras, according to the most recent rumors.

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