Xender 4.2.6 Is Available – Share Music And Transfer Files Faster Than Ever With Xender

Xender is one of the most popular applications for Android, iOS, and desktop, as well, via the web-based version of Xender. More specifically, Xender is one of the best files sharing app, and now, Xender 4.2.6 is available to help users share music and transfer files faster than ever.

Xender – Features

Xender is among the best files sharing apps for Android and iOS as it’s allowing users to transfer all type of files within seconds at speeds by 200 times higher than that of Bluetooth. Also, Xender is allowing cross-platform transfers, and it’s supporting Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Tizen, as well.

Besides, Xender comes with support for WiFi files sharing, and it also boasts a built-in multimedia player to play the music and video files you received from your contacts. Also, Xender allows users to back up their devices, including contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games and any other files.

Xender also comes with a built-in file manager to allow users to search for the files they want to share or the files they received already through Xender.

With a user-friendly interface, high transfer speed, built-in multimedia player and a lot of other features, Xender is one of the best files sharing app, and that’s obvious also by the more than 500 million downloads the app scored on Android.

Xender 4.2.6 Is Now Available For Download

Xender is frequently updating to improve the user experience and add some new features or fix some minor bugs. Now, Xender 4.2.6 came out with several additions and improvements.

According to the official release notes, the new Xender 4.2.6 doesn’t boast some GUI changes but only some under the hood improvements, namely, the new version fixed some minor bugs and optimized the connection for more stable and faster files sharing.

You can download Xender 4.2.6 from Google Play Store or your favorite APK site.

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