ShowBox Returns But The Problems Are Still There

ShowBox has been once again considered dead after the popular app stopped working for several days. It has been known for a while that many of the websites that allow users to download the app and the developers themselves have been a target by a lawsuit started by several independent movie studios and other content providers.

Some voices argued that the service may have been closed for good but the app is working again after a new update has been released.

What is ShowBox

ShowBox is a popular app that allows users of Android devices to stream a variety of video content without paying. The main problem is that ShowBox is not an official app and users may be charged with copyright infringement by their ISP.

A few days ago users that wanted to connect to the popular platform were met by a message that noted a connection error. While the developer did not release any official messages during the period many believed that the app was abandoned due to legal concern.

A few voices argued that this is just a maintenance period and the app will make a comeback in the following days. They were right, as an updated up was released and it works properly.

What to know if you want to use ShowBox

ShowBox is still streaming copyrighted material, thus effectively breaking the law. Users that view the streams are not downloading the files per se, but many studios consider that simply watching the content is a breach of the copyright law. Even the sites that fought for the right to distribute the app are now forced to display banners that inform users about the shady status of the app while also urging them to choose a paid or free but legit streaming service instead.

If you are still tempted to use the app it is strongly advised to buy an efficient VPN solution. This will keep your data private and safe as your ISP won’t be able to track your activities.

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