Google Earth Pro Update Makes Traveling Easier

We all know that Google Earth is a useful program. Many of us use it for setting up the itinerary when we’re traveling, for checking roads and so on. What makes it so special is the fact that it lets users reach every place on Earth without leaving their computer.

Thanks to it, people can view maps, satellite images, 3D buildings and pretty much anything from far away galaxies to the ocean’s canyons. In addition, users have the possibility to explore a lot of geographical information, save the places where they already checked-in and share their data with others.

Google Earth comes with some compelling features:

  • Advanced Measurements;
  • High-resolution printing – this means that images can be printed with resolutions up to 4800×3200 pixels;
  • Pro data layers – exclusive data counts which can be used for demographics, parcels and traffic statistics;
  • Spreadsheet Import – this feature ingest up to 2500 addresses, creating in bulk style templates and placemarks;
  • The GIS imaging allows users to visualize ESRI shapefiles and MapInfo files;
  • Thanks to the Movie-Maker feature, the program can export Quicktime HD and Windows Media movies with resolutions that can reach 1920×1080 pixels;

Google Earth comes with many useful possibilities, but it also brings Google Earth Pro, a more advanced part of the software. This side of the program has advanced business tools and user-friendly interface. Recently, developers announced that an updated version of Google Earth Pro is available for download.

This variant is also known as 7.3.2 and it brings exciting news. In addition, it comes with new features, improved performance and fixed bugs:

  • The Places panel allows the multiple-item selection and administration;
  • It comes with improved security;
  • It is supported by Windows and Mac;

Users can discover a lot more interesting characteristics if they start using the updated version of Google Earth Pro.

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