Netflix Future Is In Danger – Disney+ Launch Among The Reasons

Today, Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world, enjoying a considerable number of fans and unbelievably high profits, yearly. Besides, Netflix is pumping more money than ever in its “Netflix originals” series and movies, while is adding increasingly more content on its platform which is, by the way, more and more accessible around the world. But everything comes to an end, eventually, so Netflix might also face that fate, too, due to Disney+ launch and overindebtedness.

Netflix has been alone, to some extent, since Netflix switched from being a DVD-rental company to a videos platform. Netflix’s competition has been low-profile for a long time, with only HBO Go being a reliable competitor.

But that’s going to change soon as Disney is planning to launch Disney+ streaming platform in 2019. That would be a massive blow for Netflix, especially for the original, US-based platform.

Netflix Future Is In Danger – Disney+ Launch And Overindebtedness, Among The Reasons

The rollout of Disney+ would mean the end of Star Wars movies, Marvel movies and other content owned by Disney on Netflix. That would imply that a considerable amount of content, which currently runs on Netflix, would become available on the in-house platform, Disney+, deserting Netflix.

On the other hand, Netflix might move closer to its end for reasons besides the imminent launch of Disney+ platform which would leave Netflix without Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney-owned content. Namely, Netflix’s overindebtedness might be fatal for the famous streaming service.

The debt of Netflix rose by 71% in 2018 as the platform invested more than $13 billion in its original productions. That’s a figure that exceeds, by far, the profits of the company.

It now depends on Netflix and which strategy the company would adopt. In case it will decide to increase subscription plan costs to cover the losses, Netflix would lose popularity faster than we can imagine.

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