The Most Profitable Android Apps in 2018

In 2018, Android smartphones dominated the worldwide mobile market. People like the OS so much because it can run mid and lower-end devices which are more budget-friendly than top-notch handsets. Besides, Android facilitates access to thousands of cool app and useful programs.

We are heading towards the end of 2018 and Sensor Tower compiled a list with this year’s most profitable Android apps. Their chart mentions APKs that were popular worldwide and ranks them based on how much money they made.

It looks like social apps were among the most popular and profitable in 2018

According to data shared by Sensor Tower, social networking apps remain users’ favourite this year. The list was compiled based on information gathered until November 30th 2018.

  1. Tinder – this dating app is owned by Match Group (IAC) and this year won $274.9 million;
  2. Google Drive – this is a Cloud-based file storage app owned by Google. In 2018 won $164.3 million;
  3. The music streaming platform Pandora owned by SiriusXM made $132 million this year;
  4. Line, an instant messaging platform owned by Line Corporation had a good year. They won $105.4 million;
  5. Bigo Technology owns a live-streaming social network that did pretty good this year – Bigo Live (Business Insider). They made $100.4 million;
  6. Everybody knows Netflix, the video streaming platform. The mother-company had a $97.8 million profit in 2018;
  7. Azar is a random live-chatting service developed by Hyperconnect. Their activity brought them a $66.1 million profit;
  8. KakaoTalk, owned by Kakao Corporation, is an instant messaging platform that won $57.4 in 2018;
  9. Line Manga – this is another app owned by Line Corporation. The Manga Comics e-reader registered a $49.4 million profit;
  10. The most profitable apps’ list is closed by HBO Now, an on-demand video service. It looks like this year they made a $38.5 million profit.


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