Is Google Play Services Really That Important?

Problems with Android are often related to Google Play Services, but you’re probably asking yourself why. We’ve written this article to give you the answer.

What are Google Play Services?

Despite what people believe, it’s not an app like all the others. When you open it, nothing happens. It’s installed by default on every Android device. It gets regular updates. This app is linked to the Android System. It’s a package of APIs – which is a thing that assists programmers and allows apps to communicate with other apps – which makes sure that fewer apps are dependent on the Android OS updates to run properly.

What does it do?

It’s like a revolution. For example, Google Maps, before the Google Play Services, was updated when the operating system was updated. And we know how slowly that goes. Nowadays, you don’t have to wait for updates, as they come automatically through Google Play Services.  Chrome is one of these apps that get updated through Google Play Services.

So this app allows your phone to get the latest versions of apps, without actually having to upgrade the latest version of the operating system. A lot of apps are included, those from Google – Gmail, Google+, Google Play. This also means that any version of Android can get new apps and features, and independent updates for the operational system.

Can you disable it?

It was possible to do so in the past, however, right now is too indispensable to do it. All your apps need to run properly, so you need to app. However, you can have a smartphone that does not work with Google apps, case in which you won’t need Google Play Services. You can use custom ROMS, such as LineageOS.

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