Top 5 Free Apps For Windows 10 You Must Have

Windows 10 has seen many updates and features so far, but it’s never too much when it comes to adding apps that make your life easier. We have made a list with free apps that you could use to improve your experience on PC.

1. Tweeten

We’ll start with the social media. If you have the basic Twitter app for Windows 10, then you should try this app. It is a lot better, and you can also make it match the latest dark UI from Microsoft. The interface is similar to TweetDeck, but it comes with extra features.

2. Plex

Who doesn’t have photos or videos on their PCs? If you have a bunch of them, then you could use Plex for free. It’s in the Microsoft Store, and the best thing about it is that it lets you stream the files from your PC on all your other devices – even on an Xbox One!

3. EarTrumpet

Let’s go from photos and videos to sound management. It’s not that the audio management from Window 10 is bad, but it is a little too limited. EarTrumpet takes it to a new level, giving you the option to adjust volume levels for all apps and set custom inputs and outputs for them. For example, you can have your YouTube to play on speakers, but the game audio to play on the headset. You need this app.

4. ShareX

If you take many screenshots, and the best possible ones, then you should take this one. ShareX not only takes screenshots but also lets you crop, doodle and even create gifs and screen recordings. It also comes with the option of taking a screenshot and automatically upload it on Imgur or other similar sites just by clicking a button.

5. Wox

Last but not least, if you want a Mac-like launcher on Windows 10, get Wox which is the Alfred you’ve seen on the Mac and much better than the Windows search feature. You can also customize your searches by adding plugins to the app, and it can also translate languages right from the launcher.

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