The Real Binge: Reliance JioTV App offers access to 621 Live TV channels

In the age of streaming users can choose between several different services that offer a variety of advantages. Most people are familiar with Netflix and Hulu but there many solid choices that can be used for free.

One of them is JioTV, a free app that allows users to watch both live TV and content on demand with a few taps. Those that enjoy live TV will be happy to learn that the selection of available channels was recently increased and the users have access to a total of 621 live TV channels.

This allows JioTV to take the lead since other competitors like Vodafone Play and Airtel TV offer a considerably smaller selection. The app manages to beat even Direct to Home services offered by other companies.

The JioTV ap is available for free to subscribers of Reliance Jio services. Users can also download and install other free apps like JioMusic and JioMoney .

Over 100 million users have already downloaded the JioTV app. Users can stay informed with access to over 193 news channels and entertain themselves after a hard day of work with 122 entertainment channels. The wealth of options extends to 50 devotional channels and 49 educational channels. Children will enjoy 27 dedicated kids channels that deliver a variety of cartoons and interesting shows that are sure to also teach them valuable information. There are also several variety channels so everyone will find something interesting to watch.

The is no language barrier as the channels are available in English, Hindi and several local languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and others.

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Airtel also offers a dedicated app that allows user to stream more than 375 channels but the number is quite low in comparison to JioTV.  The app does feature a rich selection of more than 10,000 movies from top content providers but it only reached 50 million downloads.

User can find and download JioTV and other apps on the Google Play store.

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