Excellent Kodi Add-Ons: These Are Your Must Have

Kodi is that free media center that lets you import and categorizes all of your digital content. We’ve written this article to give you the best add-ons you can get for Kodi.

All the official Kodi add-ons are from the default repository. You do n’t need a new repo.

Keymap Editor

This one is a must-have. It gives the user interface that’s amazing, and that helps with the changing input mappings for the type of controller that you’re using – a universal remote or a keyboard.

It’s quite easy just to get a keyboard and a mouse, but it’s way easier just to get a remote and use it however you want. Even if your keyboard is flawless, you should still have this add-on.

BBC iPlayer

Sometimes Kodi cannot deal with live TV simply because it ’s hard to find reliable streams online. However, BBC iPlayer is quite helpful – it’s a free add-on that allows you to watch high-quality TV. It’s also a very reliable source. There’s one teeny tiny problem: it only works in the UK. Get a VPN and you can solve the problem.


FilmRise is free, and totally legal and it offers access to movies that are not that popular, and that are not available everywhere. They most likely won’t show up in other places. It’s good to try something different from time to time.


By getting Plex, you practically lay a media center UI on another. It’s still a very good add-on, as it has access to metadata databases.

Even though you like the interface of Kodi, Plex is very valuable. And if you choose the Plex Pass subscription, it’s even better, since you can get access to the media on your server on all your devices.





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