Gmail: How to Add Other Non-Google Accounts to the Gmail Account

Most people have more than one email account, all from different service providers. Gmail is the most popular one, however, people also use Yahoo, Hotmail and many others. You can download a specific app to get access to all of your emails, or you can simply use them from the Gmail app.

For those accounts that are not from Google, Gmail lets users to search for an email by subject or sender, or any other criteria, just as you would do for Gmail. You can also create folders, and move those emails that are not from a Google email to that separate folder.

We’ve written this article to show you how to use those accounts that are not from Google, within Gmail.

First of all, Android users need to open the Gmail app on their phones or tablets. Then, you need to Tap on the Menu button, which is placed on the top left of the screen. Then, you need to tap on the Down arrow button, that’s placed next to your name of the Gmail account. Now, you need to tap on the plus (+) Add account. From there, you need to select different options of the type of account that you want to add.

It’s good to keep in mind that Gmail allows you to add accounts from Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365, Exchange and, of course, Google. If your email client is not on the list, you need to choose “other”. After you select the account that you want to add, Gmail takes you to the sign in page for the certain email service. Then, you need to enter your email ID, password, and verify – keep in mind that if you have chosen the two-step verification, you need to remember that info.

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