These Are the Best SHAREit Alternatives out There

Ever since it was first launched, SHAREit has come with new avenues for its users, to share from small files to large files from one device to another. This makes it a great app, but it has its part of problems, too.

We come with the best alternatives for SHAREit.


With this one, you can transfer files from any kind of smartphone to any kind of PC platforms in just a matter of seconds. The app is easy to use and it comes with support for multiple languages. You can transfer files up to 10 MB per second, and you won’t even use your data.

However, it’s not privacy-friendly at all. You can get it for Windows, iOS, Android, Web or MacOS. And it’s free.


This one is the perfect app for transferring files between devices. It has a friendly user interface and it works with all operating systems. Its performance is excellent, especially when it comes to sending or receiving documents while you’re working from home.

You can get it for Windows, iOS, Android, or MacOS. And the trial version is free. If you’re looking to use it for business purposes, you’ll have to pay $338.


This one is yet another popular file sharing app, and it’s available on multiple mobile platforms. It’s has a very nice cool web app. With this app, you can download files from your phone or transfer files from your PC to your phone instantly.

However, it’s not privacy-friendly and it’s also full of ads. You can get it for Windows, iOS, Android. And it’s free, since it’s supported by ads.

WinZip ZipSend

It’s clear that we all heard of WinZip, but how about ZipSend? It’s an online file transfer tool, but it’s not like SHAREit. It’s very good if you want to send a large file on the internet, without having to worry about the file size limit.

You can get it for Windows, and macOS. And for the “not with limit” part, you’ll have to pay  $9.99 per month.

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