An Updated Version of ShowBox is Available, but fans are advised not to download it yet

ShowBox is one of the most controversial entertainment apps. We already know that it gives users access to the latest movies and TV shows. Also, people can watch LIVE programs, like sports competitions and many more through ShowBox. All this and more is available for free, but some people are not happy with this.

ShowBox fans still remember that they went through hard times at the end of last year, when the app stopped working for a few times. Rumours were that the problem is caused by legal issues appeared after the unauthorized access of copyright protected content. Now, it seems that those problems were solved.

ShowBox has been running smooth for the past month. Furthermore, a new report says that the app has been updated. The new version was pushed out on January 03rd and it is also called 5.26.

The update comes with new and exciting content, but fans shouldn’t download it yet

According to the same report, most bugs were fixed within ShowBox 5.26. Also, the new version comes with more than 100 new movies and exciting TV shows. Those who want to download it should know that they need at least 37.8 MB free storage space.

Sounds good, right? Maybe it’s not so good after all, because some experts advise users not to download the new version of ShowBox. They are doing this because the 5.26 APK is only available through a few sources. One of them is the ShowBox VPN website and the other ones are a Google Drive account and Aptoide.

Unfortunately, the official ShowBox Twitter account only mentions the Aptoide as a download source. We don’t know why they haven’t said anything about the other sources yet, but maybe we will find out the answer to this question soon.

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