What is Expected from GTA Online in 2019

Crackdown On Cheaters

When it comes to modders and hackers Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive, their parent company did not let them go unpunished last year, and they took most of them to court for that. Some hackers are trying to make every player’s experience a better one, but the others are just looking forward to ruining it, especially on PC. As the new year begins, we can’t hope anything else but for Rockstar to keep hunting down the bad actors that can only focus on damaging everyone’s experience.

No More Re-skin Updates

Hopefully, no more business related will be released by Rockstar in 2019 because all players are sick of those. They can’t say that they are not fun, but there are just going and going with the same pattern all over again while changing small details. They are no longer are exciting as they used to be.

Naval Update

Maybe we can’t get rid of business updates just yet, because simple economics and the real-world business interests influence them. The companies behind this game need to keep the investors happy and willing to give them even more so there can’t always be about the players, and we do get that. However, a Naval Update is not too much to ask for, right? Players want to collect more crates in the ocean because in the online version of GTA this big spread of water is quite…dead. What would be great for both the players and investors’ plans is to offer us the possibility to scuba dive, have new naval boats, jets and seaplanes and this way everybody will be happy. The action can be taken into the water and in this manner players will be kept in front of their screens even longer.

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