Windows Hello Is A Very Useful Feature In Windows 10

You’ve probably heard about Windows Hello in Windows 10. It’s a feature that hasn’t come up for a  long time but gained popularity. For those who don’t know what it is, we’ll tell you more about the Windows Hello function. As Windows Hello is an important feature, it’s likely that some of you will want to use it.

About Windows Hello

We can define Windows Hello as a biometric recognition platform for Windows 10. Biometric recognition refers to being able to determine the identity of a person using a particular feature of that person. Therefore, instead of using a PIN or password, biometrics are used to detect a part of the person’s body, be it a fingerprint, the iris, or the face.

In smartphones, we currently encounter these systems. The Windows Hello is something similar to mobile biometric recognition platforms, only that they are dedicated to Windows 10 computers.

In the case of Windows Hello, different recognition methods can be used. It depends in part on each computer, which will have some limitations. If your laptop has a keyboard with a fingerprint sensor, you can use this system to log in. If you have an infrared camera, you can select this option. But all these methods are covered under the umbrella of Windows Hello.

Windows Hello Functions

Undoubtedly, the main advantage offered by Windows Hello is that logging in becomes much safer and faster.

On the other hand, Windows Hello is a function that only a few Windows 10 users know of, but it enhances the protection of Windows 10 PCs. In this way, downloading or buying apps is an activity that only you will be able to do thanks to Windows Hello and its biometric recognition.

In addition to all that, there are also third-party applications that allow us to make use of Windows Hello. We have apps in the cloud like Dropbox or OneDrive that would enable users to log in using the fingerprint or face ID registered through the Windows Hello platform.

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