How to Solve Battery Issues after Installing iOS 12.1

You updated your iPhone to the latest iOS versions but the battery life seems to have taken a hit. This guide will help sort out the issue and solve any potential updates that you can face.

Freshly installed

If the update was recently installed it is best to wait a few days. The system needs sometimes in order to adjust and integrate the new features. The issue should go away in less than a week.

Diagnosing the issue

If the problem seems to persist the first step is to accurately diagnose the issue. This can be done easily by using the improved battery section offered by the device. Go to Settings/Battery and you will gain access to a large amount of data. It will help learn if an app is the guilty party or the battery itself is the issue.

Enable Low Power mode

This will help save a large amount of battery life in the long run. The mode will turn off some services like mail fetch but you can gain up to three hours of use per day. iOS will automatically enable the mode when the battery goes before 20%. You can enable it manually by using the Control Center panel or going to Settings/Battery.

Verify battery health

Go to Settings/Battery/Battery Health. If you see Peak Performance Capable the issue is most likely caused by something else.

Reduce screen brightness

The screen is the primary consumer of energy. Reducing the brightness level of the screen will increase the battery life of your device considerably. This can be done from the Control Center or by going to Settings/ Display & Brightness.

Limit the number of apps that are working in the background

Some apps are working in the background in order to do certain tasks but they will drain your battery in the process. Go to Settings/General/Background App Refresh.  This will allow you to change the behavior of the apps when you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Use Airplane Mode

If you go to a remote place where there is no cellular coverage your device will try to look for a signal source and a lot of battery will be wasted. In order to prevent this you can enable Airplane Mode and save up to 10% percent.

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