PlayStation 5 Leak Revealed AMD GPU and CPU Changes

Even though Sony did not confirm it’s working on a next-gen console, rumors and leaks are not stopping from popping up on the Internet. Now, the most recent PlayStation 5 leak revealed AMD GPU details and some CPU changes. Of course, we should take this with a grain of salt since it’s not an official announcement.

In a recent report coming from PCGamesN, the serial number of the AMD chipset dedicated to the upcoming PlayStation 5 leaked. Komachi Ensaka decoded the serial which, according to a tweet he posted on his profile, indicates that Sony will continue to use AMD for its future next-gen console, while there will be some CPU changes.

“2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9 Decode (Update) – 2 = ES1 // 1600 = Sony Custom SoC (PS5?) // 2C = TDP / E = Package // 8 = 8C // J = Cache Size // A2 = A2 Stepping (?) // 32 = 3.2Ghz (Boost) / 10 = 1.0Ghz (Base) / 10 = iGPU Clock? (1Ghz?) // 13E9 = PCI-ID : Navi 10LITE (GFX1000/1001),” Komachi Ensaka posted on Twitter.

PlayStation 5 Leak Revealed AMD GPU and CPU Changes

As we’ve already mentioned, you should take this leak with a grain of salt since it’s not coming for a very popular and reliable leaker. However, the new PlayStation 5 leak confirms, reportedly, other rumors saying that Sony would use AMD Zen architecture.

But it would be the older version of AMD Zen since, according to the rumors, the PS5 production commenced before the new Zen architecture came out. Be it as it may, the upcoming PlayStation 4 would position way above PlayStation 4 Pro regarding performance, even though it would not represent a considerable upgrade. That, however, shouldn’t be a surprise since it’s going to be a next-gen console. More interesting, possibly, would be that PlayStation 5 will come with backward compatibility.

We also know, so far, that the future PlayStation 5 would come out with incredible fan-made concept art. Nonetheless, PlayStation 5 would be a great system, but according to the latest rumors and leaks, Sony might lose the battle with Microsoft and its Xbox Scarlett for the next-gen consoles supremacy.

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