Showbox Errors and Problems – Answers from the Developers

Last year in November 2018 Showbox suffered a massive outage, and it remained down for days. Speculations were saying that it might follow the destiny of MovieBox. However, as Showbox started working eventually, that was not the case.

Developers said that the service was impacted due to legal issues and that even though the service might work right now, it does not mean that it will not happen again.

Thankfully, since then nothing major has happened, but the users still had to deal with some technical glitches.

A few days ago Showbox decided to offer more sympathy to their service’s fans, so they went to Twitter and announced that if someone is facing server issues with Showbox, it is because of some server glitches. The developers did not hesitate to apologize, and they also warned that this instability might also continue for a while.

The issues with the streaming service were confirmed again recently, but the developer promised that the root cause would be figured out and fixed. However, they also advised users that experience these problems to re-install the app as it sets the issues.

The developers suggested that users can either wait for them to solve the problem or they can keep re-installing it everytime they come upon an issue. Well, even though this is not a permanent solution if you really want to watch a movie and you can’t wait until the servers are fixed, you can use this method.

Unfortunately, no further information was provided or will be provided by the Showbox team. All we can hope for is that everything will come back to where it was and that, at least, the problems will not develop into something bigger than it already is.

If you are one of the users that experience difficulties with Showbox you now know why and what to do.

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