iOS 13 on iPad Pro – What Would Users Love To See?

Okay, we’re still during the iOS 12 era, but that could not stop rumors about iOS 13 from emerging on the Internet. Also, many Apple fans started to wonder what would iOS 13 on iPad Pro bring. Undoubtedly, iPad Pro users expect many new iOS 13 features that would boost their experience with the Apple’s high-end tablet-computer. Here’s what would users love to see from iOS 13 on iPad Pro.

iOS 13 on iPad Pro – What Would Users Love To See?

Multiple Windows for Applications

iOS already has side-by-side multitasking so that users can efficiently work with two apps at the same time with ease. However, iPad Pro users expect that iOS 13 would take this feature to the next level with a function that would allow them to view two documents at the same time, for example.

Enhanced Files Application

Currently, the iOS Files app is already a handy one for iPhone and iPad users. However, there are many new features the fans would love to see in the Files application. Among them, some users reported they would be happy to have a preview pane in the Files app. iOS 13 might bring such a function which would be particularly useful for iPad Pro.

iOS 13 on iPad Pro Should Allow Multiple Audio Input/Output

Many content creators use their iPad Pro tablets to create music or podcasts. However, the iOS 12 variants can only deal with one audio input/output, even though the USB-C would allow users to connect port hubs. iOS 13 must come with a smarter way to manage multiple audio input/output.

Improved Support for External Displays

Many laptop and computer users expand their work on multiple screens at the same time. The same feature has been available in iPad and iPad Pro tablets for some time now. And since iPad Pro 2018 model operates with USB-C, the tablet should take more advantage of this type of connectivity. Also, as we can already run two apps simultaneously on iOS, iOS 13 on iPad Pro should make it possible for users to move one of the apps on the second display.

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