Is Link Building Still Relevant in 2019?

Backlinks have played an important role since the SEO was established.

They have a tremendous impact on the search engine ranking of a website. A large number of bad backlinks will obviously lead to a negative impact. This fact has been officially acknowledged by Google employees, who note that backlinks have a sizeable influence on the search algorithms.

There are also several studies that prove the importance of backlinks and their overall impact on search terms.

The main lesson is that you need better backlinks in order to improve the relevance and popularity of your websites. Google will always push content that seems interesting and a high number of quality backlinks will certainly make your content attractive.

There are a few effective strategies that will allow you to climb a bit on the SERP ladder. Check them below.

Raise the numbers with guest blogging

Guest blogging has been pushed in the past and for good reasons. It is reliable strategy that can lead to a high number of backlinks in a short period of time. Attract the right publishers and do it often in order to reap substantial benefits.

Do note that guest blogging is a double-edged sword.  Posts on unpopular sites or those that are poorly written can harm your site in the long run.  It is important to do a little bit of research before you accept any potential offers.

Aherfs or SEMrush are accessible tools that can tell you a lot of useful information.

Know your enemy

Knowing what your competitors do will allow you to develop effective strategies. You can use the tools mentioned at the end of the previous section in order to learn more about them. Approaching the same publishers will put you into the limelight and increase the performance of your site.

Verify brand mentions

Keeping a record of the brand mentions will allow you to convert them into active links towards your site. This can be done easily by talking with the webmaster and convincing him/her to convert the mention into a backlink.

Use tips and your numbers should grow exponentially!

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