New iPhone SE Version Leaks from Apple

The latest batch of iPhones seems to have performed poorly and Apple may be experimenting with new opportunities.

The company has decided to put the iPhone SE back on the market, at least for a brief period of time. The device appeared on the official Apple website and was listed under de clearance section. It is already sold out, a powerful clue which suggests that people still want to buy smaller iPhones.

The number of devices available wasn’t made public but it is likely that Apple learned some valuable data in the process. When purchases are made on a website the owner can analyze several types of information in order to see how people interact with it. You can see which products are the most popular, if the sales attract a high number of people, how many of the potential customers decide to buy a device and learn if they are a returning or new customer. These are just a few examples but more things can be done.

In the last couple of years Apple has increased the price per unit and the absolute margins. The decision seems to have been flawed, leading to the January profit warning. Tim Cook has declared in the past that he wants to shift the focus of the company to software and services. While the plan may be viable there is one problem that needs to be addressed: in order to sell software and services you will have to assemble a solid base of customers that will use them in the long run.

Apple could choose to open its services to platforms like Windows and Android, attracting new users. Another choice is to increase the number of iOS users by selling more iPhones.

The iPhone XR was well-received by the public but even its smaller price tag seems to be too expensive for a vast majority of potential users. A new iPhone SE could bring new users without endangering the sales potential of its bigger brothers.

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