PureVPN Speed Review – How Fast is the World’s Fastest VPN?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were, although, built to secure users’ internet connection as well as their data, over the past few years, the tool has become more versatile, especially when it comes to unblocking and streaming.

VPNs come by the dozens these days. However, only a handful of VPN services leave a positive impression due to their powerful and reliable features. One premium VPN provider that rules the heart of over 3 million VPN users across the globe is PureVPN.

Since streaming and unblocking are the top-selling aspects of a VPN, users have great expectations for speed and performance from a VPN. After all, these tools are notorious for reducing the streaming speeds due to the added feature of encryption and security.

Regardless, PureVPN has proven time and again that it is the best service in town for both security and streaming. The service provider uses optimized servers to meet the growing demands of its users including online gamers, VoIP users, security-conscious users, filer-sharing fanatics and streamers.

Over the years, the service has been put to test and assessed by several reviewing platforms including CNET, TrustPilot, Tech.co, Mashable and more. The good news for PureVPN users is that every major review publication platform has given the VPN service highest ratings for speed, efficiency and performance.

Here are some of the top users’ reviews on different review publications:

“Great VPN very little loss in speed and great for streaming those channels you cannot get due to country blocking.”

“I have had a very good experience using PureVPN. It connects to the server quite quickly and the overall speed is quite good. Lots of locations to choose from. No complaints :)”

“Connects instantly. No speed dropdown. I went with the cheapest service, turns out it was best too”

“I had pureVPN before on a 3 year deal. I discontinued it because I got a bundle software deal with another provider. After a year of super slow speeds, I came back with a 5 year plan for under 80$ and am getting about 30x faster speeds than the other provider. Ease of use and options make me not regret my decision to come back.”

“Love it. I rarely have trouble connecting and my speeds stay pretty fast while working or streaming. I’m so glad I made the investment in PureVPN. I love having access to all the U.S. online experiences while living abroad.”

“I have tried so many other VPN services with their advertisement claimed download speed would never drop! Unfortunately, my download speed dropped drastically when connected to those VPNs servers until I found PureVPN, my speed 1Gbps downstream/55Mbps upstream tested on speedtest dot net with results constantly showed 800Mbps or above!”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find over 7,000 reviews on TrustPilot alone and collectively thousands more on different review platforms.

To learn more about the service, I would suggest that you visit the VPN’s official website and check out the features page. Plus, if you get lucky, you might also find some amazing deal waiting for you.

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