iOS Beta Update Brings a Fake 5G Logo

A new iOS 12.2 beta version is now available and it includes some new features.

Owners of the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR will be able to use a selection of new Animoji.  Users will be able to replace their head with a warthog, a shark, an owl of and giraffe when they are recording a video message or are using FaceTime.

The design of the Control Center has been altered a little. The Screen Mirroring button will now show two rectangles that overlap each other. If you own an Apple TV or an AirPlay 2 you will be able to tap on the Apple TV shortcut and bring up a fully-featured virtual remote that will come in handy when the other remote gets lost under the couch.

One of the changes is a bit controversial as it seems that Apple has agreed to push AT&T’s latest marketing scheme by rebranding its LTE service to 5Ge. According to the telecom company the name stands for 5G Experience and it marks the first steps towards the national release of the new 5G standard. The new logo started to appear on select Android devices in January.

Speed tests have already shown that 5Ge is unable to surpass a download speed of more 400 MBs, which technically makes it undercover LTE.  The company employed the same strategy back in 2011 when it relabeled 3G+ into 4G and confused a lot of customers.

T-Mobile did not miss the opportunity to take a quick jab at AT&T and shared a short clip on Twitter. In the clip an AT&T places a 9G sticker on the side of the screen were the LTE logo and signal bar is located.

The new iOS update should be able to fix a variety of issues that affect iPhones and iPads. It is likely that Apple will release the new update when the next iPads will be unveiled in March.

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