Why Virtual Reality Is Better with Spherical Displays

Virtual reality is basically everywhere right now. But not anyone really knows about it. Not many people are fond of the idea of sitting by yourself and having fun without having to go out. Some like the social contact, some do not. And for those who do not like the social contact, this is a good idea.

What is VR?

VR stands for Virtual Reality and is an interactive computer experience, that happens within a simulated environment. It comes with auditory and visual aspects, but it allows some other types of sensory aspect. This environment can be very similar to the real world.

Why VR technology is actually more complicated than we have thought

This technology is very impressive. However, it might not always be what we expect. Sometimes the avatar needs to be very accurate in order to “hang out” with other people by using VR, and for that toy need to use a lot of hardware.

A ball-shaped VR display that is called Crystal is designed to be watched by two people simultaneously. Its components are relatively inexpensive. Could it actually replace the VR headsets?

What is Crystal, in fact?

Crystal is a mixed reality globe that has 24 inches and is shaped like a ball. The display has 3D virtual content. The system supports rendering in in stereoscopic view for one viewer, mono for two viewers, and with additional mobile screens for some extra viewers.

This device comes with high precision, a perceptual viewpoint calibration, accuracy when it comes to motion tracking and active flicker glasses in order to make a high frame rate. It also displays a multi-person mixed reality experience.

In other, more simpler words, each person has its own perspective-corrected 3D experience.

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