4 Mobile Trends to Watch For in 2019

The future is mobile. This is something that tech nerds and engineers have been saying for years. In 2019, the reality of their point may become clearer than ever, as the advancements of the near future are about to make the dominance of mobile technology even more pronounced.

5G: Near-Limitless Mobile Connectivity

This is one upcoming trend that might change the face of mobile usage as we know it. According to experts, the new connectivity of 5G promises average speeds of up to 10GB per second. This means that soon, download speeds of around 1GB per second might be considered “slow” by comparison. Mobile providers Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Verizon, HTC, and Sprint have all thrown their hats in the ring for 5G already this year. However, Techcrunch notes that one major tech developer – Apple – has announced that it will instead release its 5G handset in 2020 instead of 2019. That could mean that a massive portion of the mobile market voluntarily holds off until next year to experience this new connectivity. Regardless, if 5G is even a fraction of what’s been promised, mobile usage is bound to change drastically for all of us.

More PC-to-Mobile Versions of Games

Mobile octa-core processors, high RAM, and advanced graphic cards are making PC games and applications much more portable to mobile. This site has discussed before how mobile versions of games like The Sims have gotten better and better. In New Jersey, which was one of the first US states to approve online wagering, almost every PC browser slot game or casino now comes with its own mobile version. In an adjacent category, in both New Jersey and Las Vegas, sports betting is now allowed – but only via mobile. Meanwhile, following the release of PUBG Mobile Lite, one of the most popular multiplayer shooters in gaming history has become even more accessible to mobile users. It’s generally been true that nothing can beat mouse and keyboard gaming – but it’s starting to look like touchscreen mobile gaming can give it a run for its money.

Touchscreen Gestural Command Optimization

For years now, companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung have developed the touchscreen as a breakthrough user experience that has forever changed the way we look at and use mobile devices. Program developers have responded by finding new methods of utilizing touchscreen gestures, in ways that are both surprising and intuitive. In the action-RPG game Horn, for instance, players need only to observe their own progress via the cinematic gameplay to figure out what to gesture next. Musical apps like Walk Band, EtherPad, and Atomus explore the production capabilities of the modern touchscreen. It’s all headed towards more intuitive controls, both for existing apps and new ones in the works.

Insane Battery Life

Let’s face it: power banks are convenient. But also, doesn’t it feel a little silly to be carrying a near-futuristic smartphone in your pocket and still need a power bank just to ensure said phone can keep running? You might no longer need to worry about that as of later this year. We previously talked about how Energizer Mobile is planning to release a range of smartphones this year, some with 18,000 mAh batteries. Huawei, Redmi, and of course Asus have also been developing their own models of phones that make the power bank more of an emergency tool than an everyday necessity. While the models you can buy now are rather bulky, their developers are likely working out ways to release 18-to-20,000 mAh phones that are much slimmer.

With these and more updates ahead, it’s set to be a fascinating, and perhaps monumental year in mobile tech.

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