Brawl Stars News: Massive Update Incoming? Brawl Talk Delayed

What’s new in Brawl Stars? Until now, players regularly got updates on the new additions to the games through announcements on the game’s blogs, or social media. The best way to see the changes were through the videos ‘Brawl Talk,’ where the developers presented first-hand footage of all the new things coming to the game.

However, the community manager and member of the dev team, Ryan (Rlight), had a new announcement on Twitter:

What does this mean?

We dug deep through the Brawl Stars Reddit for an answer about the missing Brawl Talk video and found a few hints that could point towards a massive update coming to Brawl Stars!

Some players were appalled that they won’t be seeing Brawl talk only after two weeks, which is right before Easter:

next couple WEEKS??? why? are they planning to drop a massive update?

Here are some things that, if put together, we’d realize that big things are really coming to Brawl Stars:

  • The last Brawl Talk was uploaded a month ago, presenting the March updates which slowly rolled to the game up until last week when we finally got Carl.
  • Now, looking back in time, we can see that it took the team about 20 to 25 days to release the entire March content.
  • A new Brawl Talk episode will be released two weeks later, probably revealing what will be soon added to the game, which means we’ll get an update at the beginning of May or maybe in mid-May.
  • This would be a window of nearly two months between the updates, and Ryan’s reply to the question above sort of confirms my theory!

Typically updates take multiple months. We’ve just been in super-fast-mode since launch 😛   — Ryan_Supercell

While other players have complained that it only takes about 10 minutes to share the notes with the community, Ryan explained that it wouldn’t make sense to film a video when things are not yet set in stone:

[…] SO MUCH can change between now and the update. If we filmed it today, it would all be wrong by next week and we’d have to start over.

The issue isn’t really the time constraints, it’s just that we don’t actually know what will be in the final version yet. We move fast, and a LOT can change between now and next week.  — Ryan_Supercell

Again, the fact that they “move fast,” it’s proof that there will be a massive update in the coming months. Hopefully, they make up their minds about the new content and, as soon as they’ll announce it, we’ll immediately cover the details here.

The last version of Brawl Stars was v. 16.176, which got introduced at the beginning of the month (March 6). It brought the new game mode Siege and introduced a few balancing changes, new maps and quality of life changes. The last important addition to the game was Carl, the super rare brawler that uses a Pickaxe in his fights.

Check back here for more updates on Brawl Stars. We also have a few guides, tips and tricks, which you can browse here.

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