iPhone 11 Might Come With A Reverse Wireless Charging Feature

The internet rumor machine is always hard at work, and a rumor has been spreading like wildfire across several forums and tech-focused platforms. Many believe that Apple plans to add a reverse wireless charging feature to the next generation of iPhones. While the idea sounds good in theory, there are a few caveats which should be addressed before Apple opts to play with new technology.

The company needs to add a bigger battery. Some analysts that Apple will increase the battery capacity by at least 20% in the case of the successor of the iPhone XS while the change will be a bit more modest when we are looking at the sequel of the iPhone Max, with the increase reaching 10%. It is unlikely that the battery of the budget model will be improved, but the device may not offer the reverse charging option since it is likely that it will serve as the main attraction point for the larger smartphones.

iPhone 11 would also sport a bigger battery, besides a reverse wireless charging feature

When it comes to raw numbers, the next iPhone, iPhone 11, will have a battery which reaches 3,200 mAh or even 3,300 mAh while the Max version would reach the upper limit at 3,650 mAh. If the XR version gets a boost, it should be limited at 3,100 mAh or even less. The bigger batteries should provide plenty of power for the smartphones and any potential accessories, including the new version of AirPods.

But a bigger battery isn’t enough on its own. Apple should also upgrade the standard power brick, which is quite slow in comparison to the alternatives offered by the rivals. Yes, you can buy a fast charger bundle, but you shouldn’t have to do it when you are already paying four-digits prices for what are supposed to be bleeding edge devices. The wireless protocol to be used by Apple on iPhone 11 should also be on par or even better in comparison to the solutions offered by the Mate 20 Pro and Samsung’s S10 series.

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