Google Pixel Slate vs. iPad Pro – The Battle Of The Titans

The iPad Pro and Google Pixel Slate are quite impressive but which one is the ‘’better choice’’? This article aims to offer a concise side-by-side comparison which should provide an answer to most questions.

Google Pixel Slate vs. iPad Pro – Which Is The Better Option?

The raw specs

The Pixel Slate sports an impressive 8th Generation Core i58200Y processor paired with 8G of RAM, a 128GB SSD and a high-resolution 12.3-inch display. Apple’s most excellent features the A12X Bionic chip, 4GB of RAM, a generous 256 flash drive and a larger 12.9-inch panel.

The looks

The Cupertino giant wins when it comes to design as the beautiful device features a superb design while also being a lighter (1.4 pound in comparison to 1.6), a feat which is quite formidable since the display of the iPad Pro is bigger than that of the Google Pixel Slate.

The OS

Chrome OS is the gold standard which should be followed by other OS developers. The balance between desktop and tablet features is hard to reach, but Chrome OS manages to do it. One of the most significant advantages is represented by the fact that it offers native support for Android apps while also being able to run the desktop version of Microsoft Office and other popular programs.

Apple claims that the iPad Pro is a desktop killer, yet the device is designed with tablet users in mind. The experience is fast, but iOS lacks support for essential features like the use of a mouse.

Unleash the laptop

The Google Pixel Slate is without a doubt a superior alternative to a laptop. Dedicated support for a keyboard and a pointing device allows users to enjoy many productivity apps. As long as the desired software works on Chrome OS, you are good to go. While the Smart Keyboard Folio converts the iPad Pro into an attractive laptop alternative, the closed nature of the iOS ecosystem limits the range of usable productivity apps.

Battery matters

The two devices offer a decent battery life, but the iPad claims the crown. An iPad Pro packs a remarkable standby mode which doesn’t waste power. The Slate doesn’t feature the same endurance, but it is better than classic Windows laptops.

Show me the money

A Pixel Slate which uses the configuration mentioned at the start of the article is priced at $999 while the Slate keyboard will add an extra $199. In the case of the iPad, price is a bit steeper at $1,149, and the Smart Key Folio is available for $199.

Google Pixel Slate vs. iPad Pro – And The Winner Is…

The iPad Pro is a better tablet, and the Google Pixel Slate is a superior laptop alternative. Choose the one which suits you better.

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