Google Chrome And Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge To Support Picture-in-Picture Mute Button

Microsoft, one of the industry’s giants, seems always to be working on new projects. Even more, after they started building their Edge browser on Chromium, Microsoft seems to be in constant development, showing no sign of slowing down. The main subject of discussion for this week has been the Picture-in-Picture mute button which would be supported by both Google Chrome and Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge Internet browser.

New Picture-in-Picture Mode Feature in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge based on Chromium

Last month, the PiP mode was first released. It allows you to display multiple tabs at a time on a single screen. Although users have expressed their gratitude for the features of this extension, complaints have also been made.

It seems the extension did not allow you to mute individual tabs. To fix this inconvenience, developers worked on a button that is capable of muting tabs in Picture-in-Picture mode. Unfortunately, only Beta versions offer this option for now. If it receives praise, the feature will be added in an upcoming official release, along with an ad-skipping button.

How to use the Picture-in-Picture Mute button in both Google Chrome and Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge

For those of you who are curious enough to give this feature a shot, here is how you can do it, in four easy steps:

  • Download and install the latest version of Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Beta version
  • Go to the “about: flags” page
  • Enable Experimental Web Platform feature
  • Restart the browser
  • After activating the Picture-in-Picture extension, the mute button can be found in the bottom left corner.

Since this is only an experimental feature, there is a possibility you will encounter some glitches at first, regardless you’re using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Internet browser. Once the official version is released, users will have a more fluid experience.

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