Nintendo Switch Console Receives Significant Software Update

A rumor has been going around that Nintendo is planning to launch the second version of Nintendo Switch, dubbed Nintendo Pro, that allegedly features faster speeds and better display, which sparked fans’ excitement. However, the company hasn’t confirmed the speculations in any form.

The good news is Nintendo surprisingly launched a software update to speed up the performance of the original hardware of Nintendo Switch.

A few weeks ago, Nintendo released version 8.0.0, available to Switch console users all over the world. Aside from speeding up the entire performance of Switch consoles, which drastically reduces the loading screen time, the new update promises exciting features, such as sorting All Software by total playtime, most recently played, and more, while also delivering 15 new profile icons, a system-wide zoom option, and the ability to transfer your data between two Switch consoles.

Nintendo Switch Console Receives Significant Software Update

Users reported that the most significant improvements could be seen in the game Legends Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Until now, users had to wait up to 31 seconds to load save files. Now, the time reduced by the seconds. Fast travel also reached a new low of 11 seconds, while entering in-world Shrined now takes only 7 seconds.

These are significant enhancements that offer an all-over better experience. Similar improvements have been seen in Mario Odyssey, where gamers reported a highly improved performance since the Nintendo Switch software update.

While the software update proved to be extremely helpful, fans can’t help but wonder what the next generation of Switch consoles will bring to the table.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Switch Pro will feature an improved 1080p OLED display with a built-in touchscreen. The OLED panel offers deeper black and vibrant colors, while also being battery-efficient, due to the use of dark modes. Speculations claim the second generation of Switch consoles will be launched at the same time as a budget-friendly console model that can’t be docked and played on an HD TV.

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