Chrome OS 74 Comes With Major Improvements for Linux Apps

Chrome OS 74 has been released by Google with an impressive list of improvements, and one of the main changes relates to the way the platform functions with Linux apps. Linux apps can now output audio on ChromeOS, starting with this variant, so Google managed to fix one of the biggest problems with its Linux implementation in the operating system.

Google revealed that the same release comes with a USB camera support for the Android Camera app, which means that you are now able to use any USB webcam together with the official Camera application on the Android.

ChromeOS 74 includes support for new files and folders as well, in the ‘My files’ local root, and also wider integration with Google by enabling users to see their most recent searches and apps by tapping the search box.

Chrome OS 74 Comes With Major Improvements for Linux Apps

The new handout is out with important enhancements with regard to its accessibility, for this has become one of the main targets for Google as part of ChromeOS development. With his 74 variant, ChromeOS comes with new developer alternatives in the ChromeVox Options page, enabling developers to turn on features such as logging for speech.

Also, ChromeOS 74 brings security updates, in accord to the official changelog, which can be found built-in the box after the jump:

“The SafeSetID LSM has been added to Chrome OS and the Linux kernel. It allows system services to safely manage the users under which their programs run without requiring powerful system privileges. This improves security in the event there is a vulnerability in the system service that can be exploited,” Google officially explains.

The new release also includes a number of tweaks that aren’t exactly evident at first, such as the visual tweaks for Google Assistant. The Assistant user interface, for example, brings forth a new background blur effect, which makes everything seem much more modern, in general.

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