Android Q Beta 3: Battery Optimization Menu Keeps Crashing

At its annual I/O conference which took place on Tuesday, Google announced the Android Q Beta 3 release. The company’s representatives rolled out a few new features for the official and final Android Q, with its next version due to be revealed sometime this summer or at least in the fall.

The software’s first public beta was launched on March 18th, the second beta version on April 3rd, immediately followed by a security patch on the 5th of April, and then this last beta being released on May 7th at the Google conference. Android Q 3 runs on Pixel devices and several other Android smartphones.

A beta version is a software which you should not take as steady. However, Android Q Beta 3 seems to be a bit tricky, most likely even more problematic than Beta 2.

Android Q Beta 3: Battery Optimization Menu Keeps Crashing

There are issues with the gesture navigation being ill-conceived, and ruining things right and left, there’s also the notification snoozer which has vanished, and finally a glitch that could make you turn off your SIM card without wanting to. All the above-mentioned problems weren’t part of the beta 2, and there are still newly discovered issues as the software is being operated by developers.

The most recent issue to show up is the ‘Battery optimization menu’ which can be found under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Apps & Notifications’ -> ‘Special app access’. Whether on Pixel 3 XL or Asus Zenfone 5Z devices, the menu continues glitching every time one tries to access it. Because it is unavailable, it is not possible to enable or disable optimization for specific applications, so you have to go with what apps you chose before upgrading to Beta 2.

For example, if you want an app to operate at all times, in the background also, it will be impossible to turn off optimizations if you install it following your update to Android Q Beta 3. Hopefully, there will be a fix.

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