Windows 10 May 2019 Causes WiFi Issues On Computers With Outdated WiFi Drivers

The latest Windows 10 May 2019 update is being rolled out across the world and but it seems that users discovered new problems.

Microsoft has acknowledged that some of the PCs which are running the latest update may run into Wi-Fi connectivity issues if the machines are using an old Qualcomm driver. The Redmond company didn’t share a lot of information about the driver, but it is known that a selection of new drivers are already available and it is advised to download them if you want to avoid issues of this type.

Users should be able to find the updated drivers on the product page of their device. Additional measures were taken to avoid potential issues. The Windows Update utility will scan your system before the new update is installed. If the faulty driver is detected, the update will not be installed.

Windows 10 May 2019 Causes WiFi Issues On Computers With Outdated WiFi Drivers

Users have the option to bypass this restriction manually with the help of the Media Creation tool, but Microsoft advises users to use this method only if the system has the latest driver updates.
Another issue will surface if users attempt to install the latest update on a PC which uses outdated AMD RAID drivers. In this case, Windows Update will not block the process, but the task will fail automatically.

Eagle-eyed users reported a graphics bug which affects some machines. After the update is installed the transparency effect will appear after a short delay. The issue is visible when the users click on the Start Menu. While the menu will appear after a few seconds, the transparency effect appears after a few seconds.

This bug doesn’t affect productivity or the overall stability of the system, but it seems to be present in the case of several core apps and when the Action Center is launched. It is likely that the issue will be corrected with the help of a smaller patch.

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