Whatsapp ticks: What they mean and how to know if you’ve been blocked?

whatsapp ticks

Whatsapp incorporate a number of simple rules to help users understand the state of their sent messages. These rules are embodied in the form of ticks. There are a total of three ticks on Whatsapp and a fourth clock-like for these purposes.

  • Single grey tick

To represent a message that has been sent, Whatsapp makes use of a single grey tick. The single grey tick shows that a message has been sent from the users’ phone to Whatsapp server. This message, however, has not been sent from Whatsapp server to the reciepient phone.

  • Double grey ticks

The double grey ticks indicate a message that has been delivered to the recipients’ phone. This message was sent from the sender’s phone to Whatsapp server and successfully sent from Whatsapp server to the recipient’s phone.

  • Double blue ticks

The double blue ticks on Whatsapp represent a message that has been successfully delivered and read by the recipient.

  • The clock icon

The clock-like icon appears below a message whenever such a message has not left your phone. This most times is either due to poor or no internet connection. The message will be sent later though whenever an internet connection is made available.

How to know when you’ve been blocked on Whatsapp

Whatsapp like similar instant messaging app will not notify you when a user blocks you. However, when you’re blocked by a user, your messages to such user will be sent to Whatsapp server but will never get delivered to the person’s phone. Hence, your messages will only get a single tick.

There are a number of ways to check if a user has blocked you, which include:

  • Inability to see the online status of a user or when their last seen.
  • Single grey ticks for messages
  • Calls not going through
  • Inability to see an update to a contact’s profile photo

All these are all anomalies as they could all be due to Whatsapp privacy settings as well. This is to protect the user’s privacy so even if you’ve been blocked by a user, you cannot actually tell except the user notifies you.

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