WhatsApp Breach Affects Human Right Groups

WhatsApp wanted all its users to upgrade to the latest version, after it was reported that users might get malicious spyware installed on phones, without them actually knowing. The app stated on Tuesday that a security breach on its messaging app showed some weird signs. They were coming from the government, which used a surveillance technology developed by a private company. It seems that they have targeted some human rights groups.

WhatsApp, which is part of Facebook, said that it made a notice to the U.S. Department of Justice in order to help with an investigation. It also said that they encouraged all the WhatsApp users to update to the latest version, which is safe for the public.

1.5 billion people use this app monthly. Its messaged have encryption end-to-end, which means that third partied cannot read the messages or listen to the audio messages you send. It has a high level of security and privacy.  The company stated that they are still investigating the breach, but they believe that there is only a selected number of users, that were targeted by this.

Was the government working on this?

They wanted all the users to update in order to be cautious. A research group from the University of Toronto notified the vulnerability before the official announcement.  They did not tell how many users were affected. An insider talked about this matter and said that both Android and iPhone users were affected. He also said that the attack was sophisticated, and had all the traces of a private company that worked with the government when it comes to surveillance.

Both the Justice Department and the FBI refused to comment on this matter.

This situation allowed attackers to put a spyware on the phones, with the help of the app’s voice-calling function.

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