Adobe Reveals Its Plans for the Photoshop Camera App, and It’s Lit

Adobe was quite busy today: a lot of app updates and new releases. Besides all of this, the company also teased the Photoshop Camera app in its Adobe MAX 2019 keynote presentation. Computational photography has become so powerful in today’s world, it’s everywhere on every smartphone of today. Photoshop Camera comes as a response to what Samsung, Apple, and Google think they do better.

You know, Adobe does not manufacture smartphones, but when it comes to software and photographs, that’s where it shows its talent.

The preview of today showed its chances of making amazing products. It has multiple filters, and lenses, Adobe promises to give us a lot of creative options,  with richer options when it comes to graphics, a lot better than what the most popular social media apps offer today. These lenses stand as filters or some kind of “Snapchat lenses” – background or foreground elements that are added to your photography in order to make it better.

Adobe made a partnership with Billie Eilish in order to make some Eilish-styled lenses. If you know her music and her music videos, then you know what we’re talking about, and you’re as excited as we are.

When it comes to taking photos, Photoshop Camera makes the most out of the Adobe Sensei’s AI engine in order to recognize the location of the subject and the type of your photos so that it could apply the amazing features for each and every individual application.

Photoshop Camera understands the content of the photo – tonality, face region, the scene, the dynamic range – and applies instantaneously the adjustments.

In time, Adobe might be able to connect the power in phones, like iPhone 11 Pro, with its Photoshop algorithms in order to help users get closer and closer to the DSLR-quality smartphone pictures.

The app will be available in 2020.

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