Linux Will Officially Receive Microsoft Edge Browser

This year in May at the Microsoft Build 2019 developer conference, Microsoft teased the idea of a Chromium Edge browser for Linux. The thing was that the company didn’t release even a beta channel for testing. So everything was in the infancy stage with a lot of doubtfulness. Also, the problem was that even the older versions of Windows or macOS didn’t have their version of the browser.

What’s New?

At the conference wasn’t the only time when the company has teased the new browser. Even since they have made us more and more curious about it, but now, we finally have an official response. Happening in Orlando at the Ignite 2019 conference, the company confirmed that the Edge browser is coming to Linux. Of course, a sure timeline did not exist at that time. But as we know Microsoft, this launching will be happening soon enough.

However, the news came as a surprise for all of use. We know that the Edge team isn’t giving so much information and details about their browser. As we like to be surprised, the team had done just that by saying that Edge Chromium will be available on January 15 for both Windows and macOS SO.

Moreover, we also think that the Linux version of the Edge browser will be available in the Canary and Dev channels, but not in general. The same thing happened with the ARM64 flavor for Windows 10. The details about the numerous features of the Edge browser aren’t given yet, but we aspect many characteristics. Unfortunately, the Windows user can be the ones that will benefit from the features, and the Linux user will have the Chromium clone.

To sum up, we have to wait and trust the company with the details they have given to us for now. The pre-release version will be the proof that Microsoft is carrying for their Linux users as well.

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