Windows 10 20H1 Comes with Amazing Features for Its Users

Those Fast Ring Insiders have a surprise coming their way. Windows 10 build 19013 is now ready for download, and it comes with three brand new amazing features. Besides the features, the latest Windows 10 20H1 build release also comes with many bugs fixes.

What are the new features?

What happens to the Unused WSL 2 memory? It comes back to Windows 10

The Windows Subsystem for Linux Virtual Machine memory will get back to your computer when you don’t use it in the Linux WM. Before, WSL required more memory and your computer-directed more memory to Linux. This actually led to low memory issues, because the Linux memory usage would not make itself smaller when it was not needed. But this problem has been solved now, and there should not be any low memory errors that happen because of Linux WM usage. These issues are very common in Windows 10, and we are here to tell you how to solve them.

PowerToys v0.12

You can get this version directly from GitHub. Microsoft came up with many amazing features for this tool, such as PowerRename – which you can use to rename your files fastly –  and Dark Mode.

Your phone app won’t depend on Bluetooth anymore

Microsoft has made a partnership with Samsung in order to remove the peripheral role dependency for the Phone screen. This actually means that Your Phone app won’t be dependant on Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

The feature is welcomed on these devices: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10e, and also Samsung Galaxy A30s, Samsung Galaxy A50s, and Samsung Galaxy A90.

In order to make the most out of the new Link to Windows feature, you need to install all the latest Samsung updates.

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