How Does New Tech Make Working in Restaurants Easier? Check it Out

Restaurant workers spend long and hard hours at their job. It’s important for managers to make their lives at work easier and more pleasant any way they can — not only is creating a nice work atmosphere its own reward, but happy chefs and servers provide better food and service. Everyone wins when everyone is happy, so let’s take a closer look at technology like employee scheduling software, which improves the working conditions of restaurant employees.

Schedule Creation Made Better, Easier, and Faster

Employee scheduling software makes it easy to create schedules in up to 80% less time than it would take otherwise. This way, a restaurant’s most mundane and frustrating task is almost eliminated.

Businesses will save between 1-3% in labor costs because employees are working where they’re needed, instead of wasting time at work planning when they’ll work in the future. The schedules factor in the needs of every employee, so they’re actually more responsive and better schedules. The software lets employees submit their work availability remotely, so they don’t need to wait until they’re physically in the restaurant to block off time from work. Employees will love having this much control over their personal lives, and businesses will love having their scheduling needs met sooner in advance.

Change on the Fly

Even the best plans need to be adjusted when real life gets in the way and throws a curveball. Even still, employee scheduling software has your back.

With the special communication tools designed specifically for restaurants, you can swap your work shifts easily with an app that solves problems before they snowball into a larger crisis. For example, if a manager needs to find someone to cover a shift in an emergency, all they need to do is send a message to the group or team in need of a replacement.

The employees will all get the message, because there’ll even be an email notification to ensure they see it. Then, whoever is available and willing to take the shift can tell the group that it’s been covered.

Employee Feedback

Restaurants want to avoid the situation where employees have complaints that they don’t feel comfortable raising to their manager or boss. Employee scheduling software prompts each staff member to describe in their own words how each shift went, and to give it a rating.

If they have an issue at work, they can describe it in a way that’s comfortable for them — they can choose to submit feedback anonymously, so they can be candid without hesitation. This gives managers a ground-level view of what’s going on at the workplace, and ensures that employees feel heard, encouraged, and safe.

Technology can’t make cooking or serving demanding customers any easier! But it helps restaurant staff gain control over their personal lives in meaningful ways, and empowers them by relaying their concerns or perspective to management. Restaurants thrive on team dynamics, so employee scheduling software is important to implement in any modern restaurant.

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